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A Fresh Approach to Dental Care

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At our dentist’s office in Suffern. we know how important having a good dentist you know and trust is to your dental health. At Ramapo Dental Care, we provide a comfortable setting with skilled providers who can meet your needs. If we can’t, we have a network of specialists who can. Our fresh approach is to offer a superior dental experience so we can build long-term relationships with our patients. You’ll also receive superior quality dental care, and you shouldn’t settle for anything else.

If you would like an appointment to see for yourself, please contact us. You’ll find we can make a dental appointment a positive experience.

Our Patient’s Comfort is Paramount

We know how important comfort is to our patients. A friendly greeting and a comfortable waiting room go a long way to putting our patients at ease as soon as they walk in the door. Please feel comfortable bringing in your children, too, as we offer services for them. Plus, we just like meeting them.

Our dentists excel at making people feel comfortable too, with an excellent chairside manner. Expect your dentist to sit down and talk to you at eye level. They make sure they answer their patient’s questions thoroughly and never make them feel rushed. At Ramapo Dental Care, we know if you have a pleasant experience, you’ll keep coming in for regular exams, which is the best way to maintain good dental health.

You can also feel comfortable knowing we can accommodate dental emergencies. We can often get you in during the same day if you have a situation that cannot wait. If it can wait, we’ll provide you with instructions to keep the problem from escalating. Call us if you are not sure whether you need emergency care.

We’re Known for Our Compassionate Care

At Ramapo Dental Care, we know every patient is unique and has different needs. People have different dental histories with other dentists, which may contribute to their nervousness. There is nothing like a dentist who does not care if you are in pain, or who is only interested in making money, to turn a person off. We know it is up to us to help them relax and alleviate their concerns. We will spend extra time with anyone who needs it because we really want to listen to and understand their concerns. Rushing someone into a procedure to get another patient in the chair quickly isn’t compassionate care. In fact, it is just the opposite.

Our dental team also understands how bad dental health can affect a person. They may hesitate to smile. They may also be in pain frequently. We understand some people are anxious about admitting they have been avoiding dental appointments for years. To these people, we say that we can get them back on track. We can work out a long-term treatment plan that isn’t overwhelming. They can get their healthy smile back.

If you’ve been looking for a compassionate, gentle dentist, please give our dentist in Suffern a call. Tell us your needs and we’ll set up a convenient appointment for you where you will have plenty of time with the dentist.

Our Network of Specialists

Why do we maintain a network of dental specialists? We want our patients to get the best possible care, even if our dentists are not able to provide it. Some of these professionals are here in our office, while others work elsewhere. We like to have these specialists ready to accept referrals from us because our patients know we are looking out for them. We may also refer patients to another provider in our network if we can’t see them as quickly as they need.

Collaborative Care

Collaborative care only occurs when there is a dentist-patient relationship based on trust. You should trust your dentist when they recommend treatment options, and trust they are not just recommending the most expensive treatment. Trust makes you a partner in your dental care. Treatment planning is a collaborative effort when your dentist listens to you and goes over your budget and your lifestyle to plan your treatment. This way, the patients get results that meet their expectations and make them feel like they really played a part in the process.

Patients also have a role in collaborative dentistry. They need to practice proper dental hygiene at home consistently. Your dentist can show you the right way to brush and floss, and may recommend you use additional products, like an antibacterial mouthwash. These things help to keep your mouth healthy, so you’re doing your part.

If you are looking for a dentist who listens to you and gives you honest answers, contact us at Ramapo Dental Care to arrange an appointment. You’ll feel empowered once you become a partner in your dental care.

Communication is Key to a Positive Dental Visit

Communication with Ramapo Dental Care starts either on our website or on the telephone. You can make an appointment with us either way. We do our best to answer every call promptly, where you’ll talk to a friendly person who can find a convenient time for you to come in. You can also check out our social media presence to learn more about us. If you want an email reminder for your appointment time, let us know. We make communicating with us as easy as possible. If there is another way you want to communicate with us, let our office staff know. We may already use it or we will consider it as there are so many technical innovations in communications.

Our dentists tailor their communications with various patients to adjust to their needs. We wouldn’t explain a procedure the same way to a child as we would to an adult. Even with adults, we try not to use dental jargon too much as it makes people’s eyes glaze over. Communication is not just about talking, it’s about listening, too. Our dentists communicate with friendliness and empathy, always letting the patient know they are in control of what treatment they will receive and when. No procedure starts until every single one of your questions is answered. Good communication is also important when a dentist is providing the patient instructions for what they should or shouldn’t do after a procedure. At Ramapo Dental Care, we always make sure our patients thoroughly understand the aftercare instructions.

If you’ve been asking, “Where can I find a great dentist near me?”. contact us. We strive to provide the best dental care in Suffern. Our team always likes to meet new patients and make them part of our family.

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