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How to Help Someone With a Dental Emergency in Suffern

Witnessing a dental emergency can be upsetting, since they tend to involve what looks like a great deal of bleeding. You may also struggle with seeing someone you love in pain or missing a tooth. Although a dental emergency is often emotional, there are things you can do to regain some control over the situation.

First aid for dental emergencies is fairly straightforward. For bleeding, you can hold a clean cloth or gauze over the wound while applying pressure that stops the flow of blood. Having a tooth knocked out is also scary, but your dentist might be able to save it if you rinse it off and put it back in the socket until you get to our office. Alternatively, placing the tooth in a container of saliva or milk can keep it safe while you are in route to your dentist.

If you have a severe toothache, then you might find relief by rinsing your mouth out with warm water to remove any food residue that could be irritating your teeth and gums. Sometimes, flossing can remove debris that gets stuck between your teeth and causes pain.

Receive Immediate Assistance With a Same-Day Appointment

At Ramapo Dental Care in Suffern, our friendly dentist never wants someone to wait for care during a dental emergency. That’s why we’ve included same-day appointments in our scheduling services. If you ever have a knocked out tooth, a severely broken tooth, or extreme pain coming from an unknown origin in your mouth, then we encourage you to contact us right away.

There’s no denying that having a dental emergency in Suffern is an emotionally and physically upsetting experience, but you don’t have to sit there and suffer. Although you’ll want to remember that not every dental problem requires immediate care, our family dentist is here to help when you experience a real emergency, such as a fractured tooth that leaves you in severe pain.

Every member of our team at Ramapo Dental Care wants you to know that we are here to help preserve your smile, and you can trust us to help you feel more comfortable during any type of dental emergency. From providing you with pain relief to helping to reimplant a knocked out tooth, our family dentist in Suffern is experienced with assisting people with making it through crisis situations where time is of the essence. Once you’ve had a chance to apply first aid, reach out to our office to schedule a same-day appointment that helps you begin your journey to healing.

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